Tanfeeth CEO says GCC organizations need to rethink leadership development and employee engagement to capitalize on regional growth opportunities

During a keynote speech at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition in Florida, Suhail Bin Tarraf, Tanfeeth’s Chief Executive Officer, spoke of the HR challenge facing GCC executives in ensuring the pace of organizational growth does not outstrip the pace of leadership development.

“Many GCC businesses are positioned for expansion on the back of the region’s economic performance. However, for this to happen, a ready-made pipeline of future leaders is critical, as the absence of this will surely stunt such growth potential,” Bin Tarraf explained.

“To achieve this, leadership training alone is not enough. Instead, a holistic leadership strategy is needed and that develops high-potentials over their entire lifecycle. It also needs to encompass other critical elements like long-term career paths to ensure rapid career movement, succession planning and performance management,” Bin Tarraf said.

Pointing to another major HR challenge in the GCC, also related to regional growth expectations, Bin Tarraf said GCC leaders need to find new ways to motivate staff to go above and beyond.

“This doesn’t just mean finding ways to motivate them to work harder; employees also need to show more resiliency, adaptability, knowledge retention and speed,” he added.

“The two biggest employee engagement drivers are providing the best career opportunities and managing performance effectively. This reflects the fact that people want a career path, objectives and focus, and they want to be part of a successful team.”

However, Bin Tarraf added that business leaders also need to be aware that engagement drivers are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

“What works for an engineer might not work for a graphic designer or a sales executive. You need to know your workforce intimately including what engages them, and then build your engagement interventions based on that knowledge,” he concluded.

The SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition is considered one of the world’s leading HR conferences. The 2014 event was attended by 14,000 business leaders and HR professionals from across the globe.

SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. It currently represents over 260,000 individual members across more than 100 countries.

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